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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Biotechnology has a new cause c l bre that supersedes GM technology in much the same way that smartphones overtook cell phones.. Called gene editing, the new method is more subtle and precise than anything that precedes it.. Included is a human trial of HIV patients in 2014 that saw half of the participants able to stop taking anti-viral drugs since gene editing increased the resistance of immune cells to the virus by inactivating a human gene used by the virus to infect these cells...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The project achieved good progress in characterising a novel herbicide-responsive switch (HRE1) including a detailed mutational analysis to determine critical nucleotides important for HRE1 activity... The project identified R. solani strains with a range of pathogenicity, a susceptible mutant and genes whose expression correlates well with resistance to R. solani... A number of transgenic lines containing the construct were generated and used for further analysis, with HRE1 activity being measured by light emitting units per plant in different tissues, during plant development and in response to important plant defence and stress signals...
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