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occasional tillage

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In mixed farming systems grazing of the pasture phase can be used to minimise weed burdens but for continuous croppers, or within the cropping phase of mixed farming, some tillage might be needed for integrated weed management... From an overall systems perspective, limited and strategically timed tillage could form part of a productive, sustainable system... A central question emerges : How much damage is done to soil by occasional tillage, strategically applied, in an otherwise no-till system We seek to investigate this question based on the hypothesis: That the agronomic and economic benefits of a strategic tillage operation exceed any agronomic costs due to damage to soil structure...
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The impact of tillage varies with the tillage implement used: inversion tillage using a mouldboard plough, as pictured results in greater impacts than using a chisel or disc plough... The approach enabled eight treatments and 32 plots derived from the original trial, which is allowing researchers to assess the impacts of strategic tillage... More research is required to understand the impact of strategic tillage practices on beneficial root zone microbes and the effect of soil disease suppression...
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