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There is a strong case for single desk purchasing and marketing, as evidenced by experience in marketing malting and feed barley, and oilseeds (whole-of-industry) production... To meet the proposed renewable fuel market, some of the new demand will have to be supplied from current income-producing grain or sugar (ethanol) product... Australia will become a world leader in grain product differentiation...
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Craig Ruchs (pictured outside the GRDC's new regional office in Adelaide) has returned to his home state of South Australia in the position of GRDC Grower Services Manager, South... Mr Ruchs will be responsible for the regional adaptation of GRDC-funded R&D activities, ensuring the rapid delivery of research outcomes to growers in the southern region, comprising South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania... "The evolution of the pre-emergent herbicide market in Australian cereals is a great example of cross-industry collaboration to find multiple new herbicide options for the control of a major emerging resistance issue "Close engagement between the crop protection industry, leading weed scientists, advisers and growers was instrumental in ensuring new residual herbicide options were not only registered but growers were provided with the right information to facilitate rapid and effective adoption"...
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