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soil biological process

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Soil organic matter contributes to a range of biological, chemical and physical properties of soil and is essential for soil health... Soils rarely reach their theoretical potential for organic matter storage (see Figure 1.7)... In soils with low clay content the amount of humus and resistant soil organic matter is increasingly important to nutrient exchange because its large surface area gathers (adsorbs) cations from the soil solution, holding nutrients that would otherwise leach...
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Living organisms play a vital role in soil management and should be encouraged.. Bacteria, fungi, nematodes and worms are just a handful of the soil organisms that, when managed correctly, contribute to healthier crops, a leading Canadian rhizosphere ecologist has explained to WA growers... [Photo (left) by Brendon Cant: Canadian rhizosphere ecologist Dr Jill Clapperton.] "Soil microbial life is necessary to improve soil structure, soil softness or tilth and productivity, and plants can better use nutrients from biological processes than chemical fertilisers," Dr Clapperton said...
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