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weed technology

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The benefits improve crop health and crop competitive ability against weeds and the effectiveness of pre-emergent herbicides... When used as a post-emergent product, little of the herbicide gets to the roots and the control of established weeds is often very poor... benefits arise when the weed is prevented from setting seed as there are no increases to the seedbank and, as a consequence, fewer weeds in the future...
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Pioneering Western Australian research into techniques to control weed seeds in grain paddocks at harvest time has received international recognition... Dr Walsh said the research, funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), proved that a high level of weed seeds is retained at wheat crop harvest time, providing further evidence of the effectiveness of harvest weed seed control (HWSC) in preventing weeds from replenishing the seed bank... "The research demonstrated that the four dominant annual weeds of Australian cropping systems - annual ryegrass, wild radish, brome grass and wild oats - retain 77 to 95 per cent of their seeds above a harvest cut height of 15cm at wheat crop maturity," he said...
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