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wheat disease loss

Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Overall, wheat diseases have the potential to cause very significant costs for farmers... The estimates of potential losses assume that for each disease, it is the only one that develops... The drier seasons of the past decade (Section 3) would not favour these two diseases and is the likely cause of their reduction in importance...
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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The allocation of resources for the control of wheat diseases, both at the grower level when deciding whether to control a particular disease and at the national level when allocating funds for research and development, depends on an assessment of the losses caused by those diseases... An examination has been made of the present costs of wheat diseases and the potential costs if current control measures were not in place, as well as the value of controls including fungicide use and levels of disease resistance in the varieties grown... The figures provide key insights into the importance of wheat diseases in Australia...
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