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As a general rule, a machine with a 10-tonne axle weight causes crop-constraining soil compaction to a depth of 30 centimetres... GRDC-funded research by the Department of Agriculture and Food, WA (DAFWA) is finding that deep ripping, or other soil-compaction amelioration tactics, combined with controlled-traffic farming (CTF) can help to overcome deep soil compaction and reduce the risks of re-compaction... DAFWA researcher Bindi Isbister is part of a GRDC-funded project delving into the use of deep ripping and other soil-compaction-amelioration tactics with CTF to address deep subsoil compaction...
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" Over the Fence: Climate champion bounces back from floods - Sept 2011 09 August 2012 Having bounced back quickly after more than two metres of flood water inundated his cropping land over summer, it is only fitting that Central Queensland farmer Colin Dunne is now championing better production techniques to cope with the vagaries of the weather... Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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