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spray efficacy

Catalogue: GRDC YouTube channel
" GCTV14: DRT - Spray Efficacy a Priority 06 August 2014 Chris O'Donnell says spray efficacy must be maintained if drift reducing technology is to be adopted by spray applicators according to the University of Queenland's Chris O'Donnell... 67.9: Chris O'Donnell: Our GRDC project is looking at drift reduction 72.6: technologies so we are testing a large variety of nozzles, certain adjuvants that will coarsen 78.63: up a spray and at various wind speeds and the data shows us that there are some very 85.85: good nozzles available these days that reduce the amount of driftable fines remarkably... 90.29: Narrator: As well as reducing drift the Gatton research 93.53: project is looking at formulation efficacy...
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