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developing frost

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A new mechanism to measure a cereal cultivars frost susceptibility has been developed by the Australian National Frost Program... 108.63: Ben Biddulph: And we actually go through every plot that 112.38: is flowering that day and we go through and tag between 30 and 60 heads in that particular 118: plot and we monitor those for the next 6 weeks, collect those heads and then take them back 122.64: to the laboratory and look at grain set and from that we can look at the reduction in 126.75: grain number and look at how the variety compares to other varieties at the same stage of development... 287.419: Ben Biddulph: But yeah it will be a while away I mean at 290.75: the moment growers can look forward to knowing the susceptibility of their varieties within 296.86: 2 to 3 years for wheat and barley but it is going to be a lot longer process for actually 301.669: developing frost tolerant per say and also trying to unravel those management impacts...
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