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" GCTV7: International speakers at Ballarat Update 04 May 2012 GRDC runs a series of Adviser Update meetings around the country every year... The most important was we had increased yield, we had 165.34: increased profitability because of that and less apparent we actually used less herbicide 171.48: on a kilogram per hectare basis, the herbicides 175.12: were more environmentally friendly... 379.33: Jim Orson: "Well that's quite interesting because 381.45: there are a lot of initiatives that the cropping industry has 386.88: taken to be more proactive about this to try to show to the public that we are responsible 393.97: users of pesticides so we've got voluntary introduction 397.49: of spray testing, really tightening up on advisory 406.28: training -- continual professional development, and registration of advisors, registration 412.88: of spray operators making sure that they also have 416.55: continual professional development and that's had an 418.04: impact I think in terms of easing public concerns."..
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