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lime sand

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3.74: GCTV Ep#8 Liming Acid Soils 4.08: Narrator: Soil acidity is wide spread throughout Western 6.51: Australia 9.29: 4 to 500 million dollar loss in annual production... Its why the Grains Research and Development 14.49: Corporation has previously supported soil acidity 17.39: research in the state, and why currently the federal government 21.99: program is contributing funding to a joint state government 25.599: and private enterprise project... 252.67: Narrator: WA has a number of lime pits along the coast 256.63: and this one at Lancelin about an hour and half 259.079: drive north of Perth has one of the largest marketing footprints, supplying lime to farms 264.05: up to 600 kilometres away...
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Grower groups band together on acidity.. Factors being considered include which lime products to use, freight costs, application rates, whether to incorporate lime, how to best incorporate lime, lime quality (including neutralising value and particle distribution), effects on nutrient availability and subsequent fertiliser costs, labour costs and machinery costs... The Liebe Group is assessing the effectiveness of lime sand, dolomite, liquid lime and granular lime used in combination with different incorporation methods (including mouldboard ploughing, spading, deep ripping, grizzly discs and offset discs)...
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