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65.63: Maarten Ryder: Now we 69.11: mix those together in the liquid form or keep the rhizobia together with trace element on 76.689: the seed and then coat the rhizobia onto that... 102.74: Narrator: And the reason for not mixing metals with 105.179: inoculants is because rhizobia are sensitive and high concentrates of elements such as 110.549: Zinc or Copper can be toxic to the rhizobia... 113.609: Maarten Ryder: For example some of these treatments are actually 118.549: an acid pH so if we mix together a liquid that is acid even though we 124.149: add zinc and copper but if that liquid is acid the rhizobia will die off quite quickly 130.21: possibly because of the acidic conditions as well...
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Overall, soil CEC and SOC content was greatest in the 0.2 and 0.2-2 m fraction, indicating that size, and probably type, of SOM influenced CEC... Kaiser et al. (2003) found that soils with a high content of black carbon showed increased sorption ability compared with plant- and microbial-derived SOM... Addition of organic amendments can increase P availability to plants by decreasing the P adsorption capacity of soils...
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