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oilseed storage

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More info at 7.17: GCTV Ep#13 Sunflower Storage 7.29: Presenter: Philip Burrill - QLD Dept Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 7.57: So how do we achieve safe reliable storage of sunflower seed... 113.869: One of the things to remember with sunflower seed being an oilseed is very few 118.979: choices in terms of insecticides we can use in association and this includes hygiene treatments... Fines can also be a threat 245.39: to safe storage and you will find if you have a high percentage of fines coming off the 251.17: header into the sample these can actually end up forming a core from the point of fill 259.85: in your storages and actually restricting aeration flow through the storage as well...
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