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improved soil health

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" Over the Fence: Improving soil health helps fight against rhizoctonia - Nov 2011 08 August 2012.. The long-term benefits of modern farming techniques like stubble retention and zero-till are delivering not only increased profits, but also improved soil health and reduced disease damage in cereal crops... Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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Charlie Hilton was facing declining plant and stock health at his Bordertown, SA, property until he started investigating biological approaches, which stripped his practice back to basics and are now taking his farming to new levels.. Charlie says ryegrass and saia oats - both of which have very prolific root systems - help increase biology and aeration, and mineralise nutrients that are locked up in the soil, providing the ideal preparation for lucerne pasture or a cropping program... Soil health, says Charlie, is the key to biological farming, and his soils have undergone painstaking analysis, underpinned by the 'hole in the barrel' theory: that there is no point treating the soil with only three major elements if there are large imbalances and deficiencies with other elements...
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