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disc seeding

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With harvest in full swing, many growers are putting into practice harvest weed seed control (HWSC) systems to help tackle weeds - which are at high levels this season... Many growers are probably already familiar with the HWSC options of narrow windrow burning, chaff carts, the Harrington Seed Destructor and the Bale Direct system (baling all chaff and straw material as it exits the harvester)... The chaff deck places the chaff exiting the sieves of the harvester on to permanent wheel tracks, and it is estimated that up to 70 of these units are being used across WA's South Coast region this harvest...
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" GRDC Grains Research Updates February 15-16 2011, Southern Region, Young NSW. Greg Condon 17 September 2013 Greg Condon, Grassroots Agronomy, talks about Herbicide Efficacy in No-till Farming Systems... Disc seeding into wet soil in the presence of residual pre-emergent herbicides caused a severe reduction in wheat crop vigour compared with the tyne seeder... Tyne seeding resulted in consistently better establishment and early vigour than disc seeding, but weed control was generally similar for both systems....
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