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lupin species

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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Mention of a trade name or company in this publication does not imply endorsement of any product or company by Department of Agriculture.. Lupin has the potential to be a new food additive for human consumption, and could become a substitute for soybean protein in the food industry... Infection established early in plots containing transplants these plots had higher levels of stem and pod infection throughout the trial...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The quantity and quality of protein and oil found in the pearl lupin ( Lupinus mutabilis ) rival or exceed that of soybean... The level of protein and oil of the pearl lupin grown under Western Australian conditions was demonstrated to be substantially higher than other lupin species and to rival that of soybean... Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus infection has been common in pearl lupin lines evaluated at South Perth and Shenton Park during the course of the project...
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