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tonne carbon

Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Soil organic carbon makes up about 58 per cent of the mass of organic matter and is usually reported in a soil analysis report as the concentration (i.e. per cent) of organic carbon in soil (see Chapter 1 for more detail)... If a soil has a significant amount of gravel or stone material, this fraction is removed before analysis with the final soil carbon or nutrient assessment being only representative of the mineral component of the remaining soil... Understanding how organic matter cycles through the soil and what drives its accumulation and loss is critical to maintaining it at optimal levels within agricultural systems...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Sustainable management of soil, in particular soil carbon, is essential for the continued viability of Australian agriculture... Given the longer survival and increased biomass of kikuyu during summer months (compared to annual pastures of rye grass and clover) there is significant interest in the carbon storage capability of this grass species... Model predicts an increase in soil carbon under perennial pasture of 15 t C/ha over 40 years...
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