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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (South)
Supported by Research Update sponsored by.. o Volatility will be high o Impossible to pick the top of the market o Set price targets and stick to them o Volatility will give good chance for forward contracting o Consider looking two years ahead as prices are higher there as well o Some forward contracts allows flexibility around delivery o SWAPS are likely to be attractive - IF used correctly o Take quick action if crop starts to deteriorate o Evaluate counterparty carefully in these volatile times 2013 Moama GRDC Grains Research Update for Growers 25.. Choosing the right canola variety for your farming system involves identifying what maturity you need, selecting the right herbicide tolerance (if any) you want, considering the blackleg resistance you require, and then seeing your reseller to determine what seed they have that matches your needs...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Long fallow increases soil water at sowing which in turn increases yield on good water holding capacity soils, particularly when the growing season rainfall is low (<210mm) and the summer rainfall was low (<100mm).. On good water holding capacity soils, 22-29% of years following long fallow had an average yield increase of 0.46-0.59 t/ha at Dalwallinu, 39-47% of years had an average yield increase of 0.49-0.82 t/ha in Perenjori while at Merredin 37-60% of years had a 0.51-0.76 t/ha yield increase... From other modelling work the increase stored mineral N from a fallow is 40-70 kg N/ha (Farre et al, 2012)...
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