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At Agrimaster, we use a set of powerful business tools to breakthrough barriers so you can see where you are 'now', 'where' you want to go and 'how' you are going to get there... Before we judge the proposal, I will provide some context... If family businesses make the majority of their decisions considering the impacts on family only, the business is often left bearing the negative consequences of these decisions...
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All too often farmers make machinery decisions because they can, not because they should... The formula for calculating a machinery work rate is: Work rate in Ha / Hr = (Speed (km/hr) x width (m)) x efficiency % 10 If sowing a crop at 8 km / hr and using an 18.33m air seeder and operating at 80% efficiency, this farmer should be able to sow the crop at 11.73 ha / hr... The formula for calculating field efficiency is: Field efficiency % = Time spend operating the machine x 100 Total time spent in the paddock Total time spent in a paddock generally includes filling time, travel, fixing breakdowns, turning, overlapping and undertaking maintenance...
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