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root proliferation

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" GRDC Grains Research Update Goondiwindi, March 2014 General plenary day 2.. Overall, both models are acceptable for modelling soil evaporation over a range of soils and seasons provided accurate soil physical properties and starting water states are known... Only some of the mutations provide resistance to both groups of herbicides...
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Root proliferation in response to S fertiliser is questionable and requires more research... We are using young seedlings to screen because a) they fit in the scanner (!) and b) early responses to banded nutrients by seedlings are easily measured at this stage... Interestingly we did observe an increase in root proliferation in the band of S; this was accompanied by increased P uptake and the result suggests that the form in which we applied S (i.e. gypsum) increased the availability of P. Further work is currently being undertaken to confirm this, and to set up experimental conditions that will allow us to apply banded S so that the S remains available, whilst not increasing P availability in the soil...
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