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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
" Date: 11.05.2010 Field Peas - Field Performance and Role in Northern Farming Systems field peas fig1 Steve Moore - University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute The University of Sydney's field pea efforts consist of two components: 1) A fully autonomous breeding program for the northern region funded by Pork CRC charged with developing adapted field pea varieties to produce a reliable and locally grown protein source for the pork industry in the northern region 2) A yield evaluation node of the field pea section of Pulse Breeding Australia... It is recognised that in order for field pea to become a viable pulse alternative in the northern region, returns to grain growers must be competitive with other pulses grown in the north... Current status of the breeding program and experimental data Released varieties Two field pea varieties bred and selected for commercial production in the northern region have been released through projects funded by the Pork CRC. Yarrum , (dun seeded), was released in 2005 and Maki, (blue) was released in 2009...
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