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lost soil carbon

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Dr Baldock said practices to increase soil carbon included: enhancing the proportion of perennial vegetation in pastures or conversion of paddocks or portions of paddocks that continually give negative returns to perennial vegetation; increasing the retention of crop residues, reduced stocking rates and increased use of green manure crops to return more plant material and biologically fixed nitrogen to the soil; and optimising farm management inputs and other management practices to maximise water use efficiency and maximise the addition of crop/pasture derived carbon to the soil... "There is no doubt that soils could potentially hold more carbon," he said... "To gain a true appreciation of the potential economic gains associated with a soil carbon increase, the affect on soil productivity and subsequent product yields should be incorporated into the economic analysis," he said...
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The Soil Carbon Research Program (SCRP) of research will bring together soil carbon researchers from CSIRO, State Government Agencies and Universities to deliver a coordinated program of research projects with the following objectives: 1... The benefits of rebuilding lost soil carbon.. While carbon has been cast into the centre of community debate, soil scientists are keen for grain growers not to lose sight of carbon's vital role in lifting soil's production potential..
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