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Nitrogen-fixation index set to help growers.. Research funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) will lead to the development of an index of the nitrogen-fixation capacity of field peas to assist growers with their cultivar selections... SARDI researcher Dr Elizabeth Farquharson says the work being undertaken through the GRDC's southern region Optimising Nitrogen Fixation project is aiming to improve understanding of how cultivars differ in their N-fixation potential, clarifying where legumes respond to inoculation, identifying key agronomic factors affecting fixation and testing new inoculants...
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Lastly the strain is selected for its ability to survive in the soil between seasons... Let's consider if there is a need for inoculation of the crop with free-living N2-fixing organisms... The production of cluster roots and release of organic acids is extremely energy expensive; the plants strategy is to acquire P at any cost (Lynch and Ho 2005)...
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