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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The longer season cultivar Westminster topped the NVT trial in the region with a yield exceeding 6t/ha shorter season barley cultivars Skipper and Compass (under malting evaluation), Commander (malt) and the feed cultivar Fathom have also performed well... Early sown (May 10) wheat trials at the Southern Farming Systems (SFS) site in Inverleigh, southern Victoria have shown a yield advantage to feed wheat over the highest yielding milling wheat of 0.8-1.3 t/ha (10-17%), with yields between 7-9 t/ha... Looking at the data from Table 4, the yield gap between feed ( Beaufort and Revenue ) and highest yielding milling wheat ( Bolac ) cultivars is high in absolute yields (0.8-1.3 t/ha) compared to previous data taken from NVT and SFS cultivar trials in the region...
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