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Without P fertiliser addition, continuous cropping caused a decline of 55%, 35% and 10% in total P from the 0-10, 10-30 and 30-60 cm layers respectively, compared to an uncropped reference soil... Previous work has shown that an index calculated as (Colwell-P/PBI) is highly correlated with immediately available P across a wide range of Queensland soils... The results suggest that Colwell-P is probably a good indicator of P availability in the surface soil during crop establishment (and useful to diagnose the need for starter P) whereas BSES-P is probably a better indicator of subsoil P reserves that are accessed by the crop later in the growing season...
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The data consisted of wheat (947 or 347-N, 346-P, 182-K and 72-S), lupins (506 or 444-P, 32-K and 30-S) and canola (439 or 138-N, 31-P, 138-K and 132-S) fertiliser response curves... Critical levels and confidence levels were successfully defined for P with wheat, lupins and canola and K for wheat, lupins and canola using the 0-10cm sampling layer - with results given in mg/kg and data grouped into soil types... An evaluation of this method of calculating soil solution P illustrates P runoff predictions are more sensitive to increases in soil P tests than the previous method of using a constant extraction coefficient...
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