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grain marketing pyramid

Catalogue: GRDC Updates (South)
Influences on costs and profit Profit is driven by income and costs the impact on income should be considered when changing costs. '.. If the farmer you are working with is under stress of some sort, either financially or personally, they may ignore advice given and become more conservative in their approach to change... , most farmers have not received any formal training in research skills or decision analysis and are ill equipped to collect an exhaustive supply of information on a subject for analysis...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Grain marketing in a simplified way is a series of decisions starting from price discovery and strategy through sales and execution of the grain... The aim of the paper is to focus on the decision making process that is grain marketing, building some structures to help make those decisions and indentifying and explaining several key grain marketing concepts.. Rather than outlining specifics actions, tools and resources, general theory is outlined to help growers design their own 'pyramid' that suits their business...
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