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Catalogue: Nuffield Scholar Reports
Why Weeds are necessary for Regeneration The main difference between "sustainability" and "regeneration" I believe is that most country is in dire need of vast improvement and having a mentality that sustainability or "protection" is good enough throws up two unfortunate blockages, particularly in the rangelands... If we can progress past this blockage than the alternative is for us to have "an abundance mentality" and create a positive situation where we produce far more than we could before by using different principles and attitude"... Outcomes: By using innovative principles of land and animal management and by continuing to learn and develop synergistic enterprises I am buoyed by the opportunity and potential we have to focus on improvements in all facets of our management from ecology, economy and social / community development in rural areas...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Increased grower skills and confidence through capacity building have resulted in best management practices being applied to farming systems... There is a need for continual validation of research results to provide growers with confidence to accept these into their farming systems, particularly in times when lack of finances and poor seasons are constraints... More recent research has been carried out in Project RSS00001: Farming Systems improvement in the Upper North of South Australia 2006-2008...
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