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high input cost

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The BettaCrop database currently has information for over 10,000 paddocks and includes over 120 current growers across northern, central and southern areas of NSW. Analysis of the database is conducted each year and is able to provide comparisons of various agronomic and management factors that contribute to achieving high water use efficiency (WUE)... The project commenced in July 2008, and will examine the effects of management practices on WUE. Soil water characteristics will be determined and WUE will be calculated and modelled for the growing season... Passioura & Angus also state that tactical management has the potential to increase yields in favourable seasons with little effect on yields in poor seasons...
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The twenty drivers of the future of the industry that were identi ed by the participants at the workshop are listed below (in no particular order)... The 'internal' axis included the pro tability of farming, cost and yc availability of inputs and investment in research... The participants who developed the scenario for this quadrant were faced with conceiving what the industry would be like where climate variability and the price, availability and quality of water are conducive to the industry and government policies are supportive but the pro tability of farming is not good, input prices are high and there is limited investment in research...
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