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Stripe rust management Prevention is generally best - Grains Research &amp; Development Corporation </title> <meta name="GRDC.Tags" value=""> <meta name="Keywords" value="Wheat, stripe rust, leaf disease, fungicides, yield, 0, Stripe rust management Prevention is generally best"> <meta name="Description" value=" Richard Daniel, Northern Grower Alliance (NGA) &bull; Early or preventative foliar sprays, applied from GS32 onwards on moderately susceptible varieties, have provided the best returns in northern trials over the last three years &bull; High grain prices and low fungicide costs mean breakeven yield benefits required are often only 1-2% &bull; Application can be the major cost of treatment &bull.. Fungicide recommendations for stripe rust management have been based on disease threshold levels on specific leaves... This was a sensible strategy given high fungicide costs, low grain prices and the need for higher levels of yield benefit to generate economic returns...
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