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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
It is possible that resistance alleles will spread to new areas highlighting the need to monitor field populations throughout the range of H. destructor... We aimed to determine if there is cross-resistance across multiple synthetic pyrethroids as Umina (2007) only tested bifenthrin and alpha cypermethrin... Doses representing the field rate contained 290 mg a.i./L of omethoate and 100 mg a.i./L fipronil...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Managing invertebrate pests in new farming systems.. There is a continuing need for species-specific research into the ecology of species for which there are currently no effective controls, such as European earwig... The question of pesticide effects is currently being addressed through the GRDC-funded project "Developing and promoting IPM in Australian grains" which is comparing three pest management approaches: (i) "nil" insecticide input (control), (ii) conventional "high" insecticide input, and an alternative "low" insecticide input approach...
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