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chickpea report

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Minimise risk of virus by retaining stubble, planting on time and at optimal rate, controlling weeds and ensuring adequate plant nutrition.. These results and a recent report of a closely related polerovirus from Tasmania suggest that it has a very wide geographical range... Soil tests in one 2012 salt affected crop of PBA HatTrick south of Walgett showed chloride levels of 1,770 mg/kg (1:5 H2O) and EC se of 9.8 dS/m at 15-60cm...
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Wheat, sorghum, pulses (chickpea, peanut and mungbean), and sunflowers are very important components of the GRDC northern region farming systems, with a combined farmgate value of well over $1 billion pa... The first two crops are the mainstays of these systems, with pulses and sunflowers not only providing niche opportunities but also being break crops with significant soil nutrition and biology impacts... Diseases of the crops have considerable impacts on crop profitability and farm enterprise sustainability...
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