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yield recovery

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Early lock-up enables a crop sufficient time to achieve biomass levels at flowering to fully recover grain yield but lower residual biomass at lock-up can reduce crop recovery during a sensitive window around or shortly after GS30 in cereals and bud visible in canola... We believe there is a 'sensitive' window when the crop may still be grazed but sufficient residual biomass is required to allow the crop to reach its critical biomass or leaf area to achieve potential grain yields... We firstly present some results form an experiment conducted at Greenethorpe, NSW in 2013 where a range of mechanical defoliation intensities (hard cut - 5 cm, moderate cut - 8 cm and 'clip' cutting - removing leaves) and lock-up timings were imposed to explore their impact on yield recovery in a winter and spring wheat and canola...
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