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crop lodging

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Nitrogen rates of over 300 kg/ha N were required to achieve yields in excess of 9 t/ha... The principal focus of the project was to investigate agronomic factors that would limit the capacity of irrigated wheat to achieve high yields in Northern NSW and Southern Queensland as the majority of previous research occurred under southern conditions... All nitrogen applied in this experiment was as Green Urea tm ...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Similar results were achieved with barley with yield responses to PGRs in two out of three years and a reduction in crop height recorded.. The results of the research suggest that PGRs may be more than 'opportunistic' in good seasons in the high rainfall zones but may be used regularly in the medium and high rainfall cereal zones of Australia... The results of the research have demonstrated that a combination of trinexapac-ethyl # and chlormequat # has provided consistent results in cereals (wheat and barley) applied at GS31...
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