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" GCTV6: Malting Barley Purity 22 December 2011.. The combination of one of the world's leading crop DNA profiling laboratories and the Grains Research and Development Corporation has come up with a malting barley variety purity test that will allow the Australian barley industry to enhance its reputation as a world leader in quality... Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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Given that up-skilling can be a time consuming and costly exercise, you'd want to be certain that the skill will be needed in the long term... For example, I receive a text message to my phone any time my local Country Fire Authority Twitter account puts out information regarding an incident... Do: Be human Be helpful and educating Ask questions Post consistently (try to stick to a few key themes) Respond to comments Post images and links Be relevant when joining conversations Maintain your account Understand your audience Pay attention to the reasons why you use different platforms Proofread your posts Remember that once it's online, it's permanent..
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