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nitrogen timing

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Growers thinking of using late-season nitrogen loading to bolster crop protein should think again, following a detailed crop and economic analysis led by the Northern Grower Alliance (NGA)... A research project led by the NGA, a grower solutions group funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), conducted trials in 2012 and 2013 to evaluate the impact of late nitrogen strategies on protein accumulation and the likelihood of economic benefit... "The series of 11 trials showed that significant increases in protein can be gained by late nitrogen application, but the level of increase was not sufficient to deliver economic benefits in any trial," NGA chief executive Richard Daniel said...
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Modelling the risks involved with splitting N application at Bellata over a number of years.. Current best nitrogen management practice is generally to assess soil water and soil nitrogen levels before sowing, estimate yield potential and fertilise all prior to, or at, sowing because it is too risky to apply in-crop... There is a large decrease in frequency from one to two rainfall events, suggesting growers would need to be very organised and be able to respond in a short time frame to take advantage of incrop N application opportunities...
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Using Crop Sensors In the US, Europe and Australia there is increasing interest in using crop sensors mounted on farm machinery (boom mounted) to monitor crop canopy performance... Influence of nitrogen timing and rate on yield t/ha - Lubeck cv Annuello 2007 NDVI correlation with Green Area Index (GAI) There are, as outlined below, a number of issues that would need to be clarified before NDVI readings could be used to calculate nitrogen inputs for cereal crops... Strength of correlation between growth stage and NDVI readings recorded with the Greenseeker assessed at the Inverleigh SFS trial site, Southern Victoria in 2007 - cv Mackellar...
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