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plant emergence

Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
For dry sowing, the maximum allowable rainfall was estimated at about 5 mm for sandy, 8 mm for loamy and 10 mm for clayey textured soils, failing which a day or two after the rain (depending evaporation rate) should be allowed before dry seeding... We used two years data, a literature review and common knowledge on soil-plant water relations to estimate the maximum allowable and minimum required rainfall in order to successfully avail a dry or a wet sowing opportunity, respectively... Seedling mortality per day was calculated as percentage of the maximum emerged counts...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Market deregulation, the emergence of the container trade, a shortage of malting barley, and price sensitive export markets have led to a wider range of variety and marketing options for growers in NSW. Schooner and Gairdner have been the preferred malting barley varieties in central NSW, with smaller areas of Baudin and some Fitzroy in the north... Overall, the results emphasise the need to sow varieties that have short coleoptiles at shallow depths and to take care with seed grading and the use of seed dressings... The ability of varieties to tolerate these conditions was assessed in a trial at Condobolin in 2008...
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