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Controlling herbicide resistant radish with herbicides in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) of WA with a two spray strategy.. The paper demonstrates clear options for growers based on a second year of work conducted by the Northern Agricultural Region GRDC RCSN Initiative... Velocity achieved the highest level of control (100%) at two leaf stage, but when MCPA was added and sprayed at five leaf stage, the treatment still achieved 100% control and did not suffer a reduction in efficacy like the Jaguar + MCPA treatment...
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In summary, 20 trials have now recently been undertaken across a number of seasons and locations in NSW. None of them have demonstrated S responses in yield or oil %. This does not exclude deficiency and yield penalties from occurring but does highlight that the frequency and the likelihood is not high... In summary, using Yield Prophet as a way of increasing soil water knowledge is more difficult to trial than probes... In summary, the growth in the use of probes to understand soil water is easily explained using the framework above...
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