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zinc oxide

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
In the northern grains region P is commonly the next limiting nutrient after N; an adequate supply is vital to ensure N is used efficiently... Given that sorghum is generally a dominant crop in many rotations in the east of the Northern Grains Region and a significant secondary crop in most other areas, it is of significance to recognise that the recent research evidence for increasing the replacement/ maintenance rates for sorghum based on the research from Lester et al. indicating that the commonly used removal figure of 2.3 kg P/tonne (0.23 % P in grain) quoted in the NLWRA 2001 is probably too low for local condition... More recent studies have indicated that 3.7 kg P/tonne (0.37 % P in grain) is more realistic for modern varieties grown on the soils of the vertosols of the Darling Downs and Nthn NSW. Combining higher unit removal and high yield per unit of soil moisture makes sorghum the most influential determinant of soil P status in many areas and a key factor in soil P decline even where replacement rates are targeted...
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