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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (South)
03 5441 6176 03 5444 4299 CAUTION: RESEARCH ON UNREGISTERED PESTICIDE USE Any research with unregistered pesticides or of unregistered products reported in this document does not constitute a recommendation for that particular use by the authors, the authors' organisations or the management committee... In summary, it could be argued that none of the currently available preemergence herbicides have the required stability in efficacy to become viable alternatives to postemergence group A or imidazolinone herbicides... Overall, 2012 seasonal conditions tended to favour early and mid flowering and maturing varieties...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
After 7 days, snails were retrieved and assessed for mortality... The pre- and post-treatment numbers of live and dead snails were estimated by collecting all snails in four 0.25 sq... It should be noted that this trial was assessed after only 7 days, so these results do not take into account potential differences in the persistence of different bait products beyond this period...
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