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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Soil water under pasture-cropping with subtropical perennials Phil Ward, David Ferris, Roger Lawes, Perry Dolling, Shayne Micin, Nicola Palmer, and Phil Barrett-Lennard.. Winter tolerance of sub-tropical grasses commonly used agricultural herbicides John Borger and David Ferris to.. Water Dynamics & Grain Yield Results Crop growing season - little difference in soil water under annual crop, perennial pasture and pasture-cropped plots Grain fill - pastures started competing with crop impacts on grain yield were generally small but Summer and Autumn - soil water contents were much lower under perennial pasture and pasture-cropped plots..
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Controlling Fleabane using the double knock tactic - Grains Research &amp; Development Corporation </title> <meta name="GRDC.Tags" value=""> <meta name="Keywords" value="double knock, fleabane, 0, Controlling Fleabane using the double knock tactic"> <meta name="Description" value="Jeff Werth Leslie Research Centre, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries &bull; The double knock tactic is effective for control of fleabane &bull; Optimum timing for glyphosate followed by 2,4-D is on the same day or one day later &bull; Optimum timing for glyphosate followed by paraquat or SpraySeed&reg; is 5-7 days.. Fleabane is tolerant to glyphosate, and a number of post-emergent herbicide mixes with glyphosate have been developed for the control of fleabane in winter fallow... The double knockdown strategy of using two different herbicide modes of action sequentially &ndash; both at an effective dose rate if used alone has been adopted to delay or avoid the onset of glyphosate resistant ryegrass in southern Australia with a great deal of success...
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