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blackleg isolate

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Blackleg: developing a prioritised management strategy.. Newly deployed novel sources of resistance remain effective for a number of years before virulent blackleg isolates increase in frequency to a level where significant disease results... We can use the fungal life traits to manipulate the fungal population...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
By Nicole Baxter Blackleg risk warnings may become as common as sheep grazier weather alerts if researchers can better understand how blackleg interacts with canola plants damaged by grazing... If we know there could be a shower coming tomorrow that could trigger a release of blackleg spores, we could issue a warning to growers to avoid grazing their canola for two days after the shower to reduce the blackleg risk," she says... 2007 has proved to be an excellent year for blackleg with "plenty of it around", but Dr Sprague is confident that what is a menace this year will place scientists one step closer to giving farmers better tools to mitigate the disease and its effects on harvest returns for years to come...
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