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nitrogen export

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By using the right amount of fertiliser at sowing and monitoring crop requirements throughout the season, growers can ensure nutrient-rich water doesn't escape into nearby rivers and simultaneously improve crop profitability," Dr Nash says... Better defining the relationships between inorganic soil nitrogen, fertiliser application rates and yield for different seasonal conditions is important. ".. Researchers found: Dr Nash says that minimising nitrogen applications at sowing also reduces non-redeemable costs and defers some expenditure decisions until later in the season when other factors affecting crop performance, such as moisture limitations or waterlogging, are evident. "..
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The extra water used by a well grown crop can reduce drainage volumes and reduce nitrogen exports, even if fertiliser is used to achieve that extra growth... : The lowest upfront application of nitrogen that facilitates reasonable crop establishment and yield potential minimises nitrogen exports, minimises sunk costs (i.e. costs which cannot be recovered) in the case of an adverse season, and allows the farmer the flexibility to adjust their fertiliser strategy, and potential gross margins in response to seasonal conditions... Nutrients such as N, that may be exported dissolved in water (i.e. nitrate), often comprise a larger proportion of total exports when compared with systems using deep cultivation (>250 mm) (Kimmell et al., 2001)...
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