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yield mapping

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The focus of the paper is on this latter category, where inputs are varied according to within-paddock spatial variation and spatial information is used to improve decision-making and management... A snapshot of the current status of PA adoption is presented using available data on variable rate fertiliser management and yield mapping across regions... A snapshot of current adoption The results presented in Table 1 capture just two aspects of precision agriculture on a national scale that includes 5 selected SA regions (see report cited below for further details)...
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Wheat yield increases of 1.19t/ha possible in the north.. Maps detailing actual and achievable yield data have been compiled by the CSIRO and will be made accessible through a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) funded project... Dr Hochman said the research found that the northern region's yields were 5.3% lower than relative yields in the southern region and 8.9% lower than in the western region, suggesting there is significant scope to boost yields in the north through better application of current technologies and best practice...
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It is important to remember that there are many ways in which PA can be adopted and used to make or save money, improve timeliness or environmental management and to carry out onfarm trials... If a grower purchases a GPS unit using one system and then changes to one using the other system, locations will not be translate accurately... Growers are not confident in using the currently available indices in making cropping decisions...
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