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seedling stage

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The paper describes an efficient, rapid method for screening against the two diseases for adult plant resistance under controlled environmental conditions... Inoculated plants were incubated in the dark for 48 h in a humidifier and disease assessed on a percentage scale, nine days after inoculation on the two lowest leaves that were fully emerged at inoculation... Seedlings were assessed on a 0-5 scale, seven days after inoculation while flag leaves were rated on a percentage scale, 14 days after inoculation...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The results of the survey indicate that spot-type net blotch occurs throughout barley growing areas of WA. Knowledge of genetic variation for virulence previously recorded for the pathogen has been significantly expanded, with a number of pathotypes not previously identified being now recognised... The work illustrates the existence of pathogenic variation for this disease in WA and has identified several new potential resistance donors... When the lines were evaluated at the Mt Ridley field trial, only a few lines (six - being Birka, Golf, Hannchen, Keel, TR251 and TR250) possessed adequate levels of resistance at the adult plant stage...
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