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Barley production is estimated at 25,000 tonnes for 2012/13 with a state wide average of 3.13 t/ha (ABARES Crop Reports 2012)... The remaining three varieties Macquarie , Navigator and Westminster do have scope to be grown successfully in Tasmania due to improvements in grain yield potential, agronomic characteristics and superior disease ratings compared to Gairdner ... Mean hectolitre weight (kg/hl) performance for Macquarie , Navigator and Westminster A compared to Gairdner A from NVT South West Victoria (2008 - 2012)...
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Overall, wheat diseases have the potential to cause very significant costs for farmers... The estimates of potential losses assume that for each disease, it is the only one that develops... The drier seasons of the past decade (Section 3) would not favour these two diseases and is the likely cause of their reduction in importance...
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