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poor quality soil

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The paper firstly reviews how land values have increased over the last 20 years and the rate at which they have increased... At any one location, the difference between a good quality soil and a poor quality soil could, through its effect on yield, cut $WUE in half (from say $160/ha/100mm to $80/ha/100mm), and this difference translates to a reduction in land value of $1,280/ha ($16/ha for each unit loss in $WUE, table 1)... The combination of yield increase (600kg/ha over 20 years) and price increase ($76/t) has typically added $80/ha/100mm to $WUE. Given that each unit gain in $WUE adds $16/ha to land price (table 1), the $80 gain in $WUE contributes to a $1,280 gain ($80/ha/100mm by 16) in land price...
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