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row spacing width

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Current research on row spacing widths has not been conclusive in the higher rainfall zones throughout SE Australia, especially now with recent acquisitions of RTK guidance systems and farmers aiming to achieve inter-row seeding, lessening the need to manipulate crop residues post harvest and prior to seeding operations for the new season program... Yield variance under alternate row spacing, nitrogen and variety treatments In 2007, a completely randomised block design field trial with four replicates was undertaken at the Southern Farming Systems Mininera research site to evaluate the yield variance across two row spacings (200mm & 300mm), three wheat maturities (Kellalac (L), Bolac (ML) & Beaufort (M)) and two nitrogen timings (GS00 & GS31)... A typical farmer input scenario may see Kellalac sown at 200mm row spacings widths, with nitrogen applied at GS31, yielding 4.64t/ha, but when compared to Beaufort sown at 300mm with nitrogen applied up front (GS00), there was an average yield deficit of 0.98t/ha (Table 1.)...
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