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- Get the "Rs" right! Dennis Hoiberg, Lessons Learnt Consulting Working with families to address their succession issues is emotionally charged, psychologically challenging, but if done well, enormously satisfying for all concerned... If the parents aren't ready to engage, have a conversation with them about their life objectives, their desired quality of life, the legacy they want to leave and what do they see themselves doing in the future... While Australia probably has not the best experience with "Kirribilli agreement" styles of transitions, they do work - as long as the parties are ready to engage, have positive relationships, good relating skills and have an agreed action plan...
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" GCTV11: GRDC's Chairman Stands Down 11 August 2013.. Those who have worked closely with this grain grower and chairman reflect on his contribution to the grains industry... 0.31: GCTV Ep#11 Chairman Stands Down 0.37: Narrator: Darryl Anderson Well after six years as chairman of GRDC Keith 4.11: Perrett is standing down so we thought we would caught up with Keith as well as the 8.42: two managing directors he has worked with during his time in the chair...
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