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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
As a direct result of the GGA, grower groups, research agencies and agribusiness are now formalising contact via personal, written and electronic communications... A change measured over the two years was that as the groups' knowledge of research activities increased, they began to make more informed decisions about which specific researchers they could approach to conduct work in their region or invite to present findings at grower events... A tangible result from groups working together is that two study tours with participants from many different grower groups have been conducted to interstate and overseas destinations...
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Growers do not have access to varieties with resistance to the key exotic pests and disease... The project will proceed in two phases... The project is about optimizing pesticide sprayapplications by: identifying spray technologies and spray settings with low risk of spraydrift, applying pesticides in accordance with latest knowledge about pest behaviour in response to pesticides andtherefore minimizes the risk of target pests developing resistance, and by using pesticides with documented efficacyagainst target pests...
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