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Ultimately I don't believe this has been to the detriment of the soil as we are travelling on rm ground and getting a better mix, a leveller paddock and better conditions to sow into with our Simplicity Bar'... We have used the machine on stubble in January 2010 and had massive wind storms a day or so later with no lifting of the soil whatsoever which was a big bonus compared to neighbouring sheep grazed and bare paddocks.".. Yield increases for wheat-on-wheat sowing into standing stubble were measured on 7 out of 10 sites over 4 years (Table 1)...
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Increased adoption of wide-row dryland cropping of grains and pulses may be accelerating the potential for herbicide resistance, according to a Queensland researcher... Vikki Osten from the Queensland Department of Primary Industries said the push for wide-row cropping is placing an increasing reliance on herbicides for weed control which is increasing the threat of herbicide resistance... Growers will need to be much smarter with their weed control programs, alternating chemical spray formulations and rotating seasonal crops to prolong the effective life of herbicides," Ms Osten said...
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